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Monday, June 22, 2009

Still a Woman??? Part 2

It’s like actually going through the process of having a baby. Everything is the same; waiting for the milk to dry up, waiting for hormones to go back to normal, waiting for the dizziness and fatigue to go away, and mostly waiting for my sex drive to return. It took 4 weeks for my HCG levels, otherwise known as the pregnancy hormone to those that aren’t aware to return to 0; they went from whatever they were Pre-Op (I never did want to know the numbers than. Thinking my pregnancy was Molar at that time, I thought that if I knew what the numbers were that seeing an increase in them, or just a small decrease it would scare me into thinking the unthinkable and unimaginable), to 483 one week Post-Op, to 83 the next week, and finally down to normal. I waited a week to get my “normal” results. I went in for my usual “blood donation” on the Monday, and waited the usual two days, Thursday I called the doctors as I hadn’t heard anything, and was told not to worry, the doctor would call me back with the results. Imagine that, don’t worry. At this point I’m still in “Molar Mode”, what if the pathologists made a mistake? What if the results were wrong? Friday came and went, and so did the weekend. Monday came, I called again. Eight hours later I got a call back from Daria, the assistant to my doctor and in some senses my angel. Daria was there through the last two miscarriages every step of the way. She watched me cry, and felt my pain. My HCG levels were back to “normal”, AND not only that, but we could start trying again, trying again after only 5 weeks. Trying went from one year, to three months, and now almost right away. All of a sudden things were moving too fast. I don’t know why, well I do, but I was scared.

The news wasn’t as happy as I had wanted or thought it would be. In essence it was over, there was no miracle waiting, negative numbers meant that there really wasn’t a more baby anymore. The loss of this pregnancy has hit me harder, and I am having a harder time getting over it, it’s been six weeks now, and I still feel anger and I still cry, although not as frequent. I know that I wasn’t at the time of the call, and am not now ready to try again; although that doesn’t mean that my dream is over yet, it just means that for the next few months, the initial few months will be a time for recovery, a time to get healthy, a time to spend with my family without the worries of becoming and staying pregnant.

Ok men, it may be time for you to turn the page as the talk has turned to ugly “Aunt Flo” returning for her monthly visit.

I bled from my second d/c for 19 days, mostly spotting, but none the less I wore a diaper for 19 days. On day 19 I started cramping and I knew that something big was about to happen. Within a couple hours I felt a small leakage, and upon using the bathroom noticed a small clot…..after that, It was all over, 19 days of reminders of what my body was recovering from. On day 22 I started dreaded Aunt Flo. At first I thought she was going to be late, she came the second day into my pill, no real warning, I hadn’t got any major cramps, no breast tenderness, and I was no more a bitch, no more moody, and no more impatient with people’s stupidness than I have been in recent weeks. This should have been another joyous moment for one that wants to start trying for a baby again, it meant that my body was working normally again and doing what it should be doing. Instead though, having my menstrual cycle brought back memories of my first miscarriage. I don’t know why, but all of a sudden I felt like I was reliving the pain and shock of losing my baby the first time. I felt cold and angry, resentment towards everyone that had a baby, was expecting a baby, or spoke of baby. I’m left here wondering what is a normal amount of time for one to live with the grief of losing a baby? When should one expect to be back to normal? Doctor’s sometimes caution against trying for at least six months, until one has fully grieved and recovered from the loss. I’ve moved on, and

I feel normal, but I cannot forget, never. Losing apart of one’s self, something that you planned for, named, something that was a part of you can never be forgotten. Instead I plant flowers; Forget Me Nots to remember my Dumpling, my Perogee, and my newly named; it just came to me writing this, Snowflake as all that appeared on the screen was a snowstorm. 

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