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Initially I started this blog as a way of sharing my experiences overseas with those that were interested...however so much has happened over the last two years, including more travelling to foreign destinations, revelations of some kind or other, and experiences I thought others could learn from that I decided to mix it all up.

I hope that somewhere you'll find something that interests you and that you'll be able to learn from.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sometimes good things do come to those who wait....

Easter is a time of hope, a time of miracles, and a time of new life.

In the bible, it says that Jesus gave his life on the cross so that we may live, and that three days later he resurrected himself from the dead.

I believe that Jesus died, and I believe that a miracle took place and that he rose from the dead, I can’t say with certainty that he choose to die so that we may one day live, but I can believe in the miracle of it, just like I can believe in my own miracle because you can never truly believe in miracles until one happens to you, or you witness it first hand.

As many have read over the course of the last year and a half of our struggles to add to our family, I thought that now; the weeks following Easter and the season of spring would be the perfect time to share our good news, news that new life and a miracle is growing inside me, healthy and strong.

Here's hoping that all those around me waiting for their miracles receive theirs soon.

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